The congress themes and sub-themes are as follow:


River and Sediment Management


1a. River conservation and restoration

1b. River sediment management and morphodynamics

1c. Debris flow and Reservoir sedimentation

1d. Flow interaction with hydraulic structure

1e. Dam decommissioning


Theme 2

Flood Management 


2a. Flood risk assessment

2b. Urban flood management

2c. Flood mitigation and control

2d. Flood disaster and adaptation measures

2e. Flood recovery and resiliency 


Theme 3

Environmental Hydraulics and Industrial Flows


3a. Ecohydraulics

3b. Sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystem and rehabilitation of water systems

3c. Sustainable (renewable) energy

3d. Industrial flow management

3e. Hydraulics machinery


Theme 4

Coastal, Estuaries and Lakes Management


4a. Coastal and estuary morphodynamics

4b. Estuaries and shore protection

4c. Dynamics and exchanges in estuary-coastal zone

4d. Inland and coastal lake management

4e. Coastal structures (ports and harbours)


Theme 5

Urban Water Management


5a. Rainfall-Runoff Processes and Modelling

5b. Assessment of Stormwater and CSO Quality and Its Impacts

5c. Sewer Sediment

5d. Stormwater Management

5e. Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Control


Theme 6

Water Resources Management


6a. Water resources management under increasing uncertainty

6b. Alternative water resources

6c. Conflict resolution in water management

6d. Advanced water resources systems analyses

6e. Groundwater Hydraulics


Theme 7

Hydroinformatics / Computational Methods and Experimental Methods


7a. High performance computing and 5th generation of modelling systems

7b. Impacts of pollutants on the environment 

7c. Development and Application of soft computing tools in hydroinformatics

7d. Instrumentation and experimental methods 

7e. Big Data and Data Acquisition Technologies


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